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Your Betrayal.

Your Betrayal.

Can we relive our memories,
And the chapters of our love,
When it was you, and I,
And life was beautiful.

Can we relive the nights, we spent,
Romancing, soaked in love and kisses,
Under the moonlights and the stars that fell,
When I was wrapped in you, and a humming breeze

How can I forget, the memories we made,
The love you’ve carved and I craved,
But you’ve changed, and you forget,
My love, you forget.

I see and understand everything.
In my silence, there’s a curse.
In my silence, there’s strength.
But that’s my way of showing  you,
That I won’t give up,
And I will not live to see,
Your betrayal.

Sometimes I Just Wonder.

Sometimes I Just Wonder.

Do you still remember the nights,
When we wrote chapters,
In our book of love?
The nights we stayed up late,
cuddling each other in the sofa.

Do you still remember the nights,
When we made promises,
In our book of love?
To never leave each other,
Till the end of time.

If only our book lasted forever.
It’s all just a memory now.
And I walk down that memory lane.
Every day and night.
From sunset to sunrise.
But I wonder if you do the same,
Sometimes I just wonder.

A Walk Down the Memory Lane in Mid-Air.

A Walk Down the Memory Lane in Mid-Air.

I sit here in the plane in awe,
Looking at the horizon ahead of me.
A distance I cannot ever reach.
I look down and I see the vast ocean.
A depth that I know nothing about.
I look up at the infinite blue sky,
A life beyond which I cannot imagine.

Question after question, I had.
All remain unanswered.
But one thing is certain,
There is life beyond my horizon,
There is hope beyond my galaxy.

I look back into my past.
I see you. I hear you.
Thoughts of you flash across my eyes.
Till now. Till date.
And I ask myself.
Oh, why did it all go wrong?

You promised me. To hold my hands,
As we walked our lives, together.
You promised me. To never let me go,
As we rode through the bumps, of life.
You promised me. To love me till the end, of time.
As we lived in this cruel world, of injustice.

People say, first love is hard to forget.
People say, true love never dies.
Oh, how I wish I knew these before.

I loved you. To the moon and back.
I gave you. All I ever had.
In return? I had no demands.
All I ever wanted was,
Your true love.
Your true care.

It’s all over now. You’ve moved on.
But here I am. Left with the pieces of my broken heart.
When I look out from my window,
It all comes back to me now.
Your memories. Your thoughts.
Your promises. Your love.

All I’ll ever ask now,
Is for a chance.
To prove that I love you.
To prove you all wrong.
Just one more chance.
For the love we had.
For all we had.

Cause’ I know,
There is life beyond my horizon,
There is hope beyond my galaxy.