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You’re My True Strength.

You’re My True Strength.

Like a ray of light,
Shining through the dark,
You walked into my life.

Thoughts of you,
Lingers within me,
All day. All night.

‘Smile’ was a word, I only heard of.
‘Care’ was a word, I only dreamt of.
Until I met you.

However expectedly it was,
Our hearts had crossed paths.
In this journey of our lives.

I met you at a time when,
My heart was lost on hope,
Like in the midst of an ocean,
As vast as forever,
Like in the midst of a desert,
As vast as infinity.

You gave me strength.
You gave me care.
You gave me hope.
The three things that,
This broken heart of mine,
Had not felt in ages.
The three things that,
This crying heart of mine,
Was in dire need of.

Your comforting words,
Guided me from the lost,
To the true pathway of life.

Your unending care,
Eased the pain and wounds,
That my heart had felt for years.

Life’s never been more beautiful,
Ever since you walked into my life.
As I get to walk with you by my side.
Hands joined together,
Hearts locked forever.

Thank you for my dear,
For being there for me,
Always and forever,
Till the end of infinity.