One in a Million.

One in a Million.

It’s true, people say,
Rare are the diamonds.
Beautiful to the eyes,
Yet hard to find.
It’s true, people say,
Rare are true love and care,
Soothing two very words,
Yet hard to get.

Ruby’s and Sapphire’s I see,
Are just words that I read.
Words written on papers.
Papers that I cannot afford.

I say it’s God’s gift to me, that
You, yourself and just you
Have come in my life,
As a blessing, and as a backbone.
You are a true gift from God.
A gift I’d treasure. Forever,
A gift I’d treasure. For life.

To this one little heart,
Ruby’s and Sapphire’s I have,
Are you, yourself and our love.

For the blind, your worth is unseen.
Little do they realise,
What they possess,
The true value,
Of your beautiful soul,
The true colours,
Of your caring personality
The true taste,
Of your loving character.

True enough it is,
That our young love,
Is infinity in depth.
Young, but it’s strong,
Fresh, but it’s valued.
Distanced, but it’s treasured.

Like a forever blossomed flower,
In the garden of my life,
Carved in my heart,
Engraved on my mind.
Painted in my thoughts.

Like to believe it or not,
For this incomplete me,
You are nothing but,
My one in a million.

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