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haze in my room!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

At first, I had no idea about what was going on. I just woke up that day to smell smoke in my room. I looked out from my window and found the atmosphere full of haze. The visibility was so low that I couldn't even see the neighbouring condominium clearly. Then, memories that dated back to 1997 flashed my mind. It was the time when Maldives was affected by the "brown cloud". The Indonesian forest fires that caused thick clouds of smoke which reduced the visibility across the region. With that in mind, I began my day.

Later that day, I came to know that this year too it was the forest fires that caused the haze. The fire is said to be setup by the plantation owners to clear the lands. Too bad, whoever did it had no idea about the level of pollution that would cause. I've seen several people wearing masks on the road.. the pollution was that bad!

Above is a picture of the neighbouring golf course I had shot few months back.

Now, compare it with this picture above which I shot recently. Haze! Aarghh!

This is the private housing area nearby. Clear sky with good visibility, eh? Just hold your breathe and compare it with the picture below...

See, how badly the haze affected the visibility!

In the end, I ended up buying an air freshener to scent my room, to get rid of the smoke smell. But I'm glad, the pollution is getting better now.

posted by jaheen
1:15 PM


creative artwork or graffiti?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Do you remember the scribblings on walls that you used to read, while you were in the loo, back in primary grade? The pure crap written about you and your neighbouring girl? The drawings depicting sexual organs of the body? I still remember, till the end of my high school, I used to stare at the "creative artwork" on walls, specially at the toilets. Maybe I shouldn't describe it as "creative artwork", for they are better to be referred to as "graffiti"!

Today, spoiling the walls of Male' with graffiti are becoming - or have already become - very common among the youth. Its not only in Male' that we find this crap, but also in the islands.. Although this present widespread habit had existed since long back, these days our "clean" walls have become a means for a bunch of "ill-mannered" dudes walking around expressing their political view and thoughts!

I shot the above pictures when I was in Male' for holidays recently.. Calling abusive names at others, giving out others' contact numbers and more! So much of graffiti, eh?

posted by jaheen
11:59 PM


sunset scenes from my balcony...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

posted by jaheen
1:07 AM


world cup fever!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

[Extracted from the Malaysian newspaper, "The Star" dated 6th July 2006]

posted by jaheen
2:30 AM


the world through an eyehole...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Humans act weird when they go crazy... This is what happened to me.. I ended up capturing this photo through the "eye hole" in my apartment door, later to realise there is a hidden meaning in it. Here's my interpretation...

Life - locked in a cell, behind a fence.
Two choices infront; One, on the left. One, on the right.
On the right, a path to walk through, and light glowing in.
On the left, no path to follow, and darkness.

Choose your path, the destiny is your hands...

posted by jaheen
3:09 AM


Windows Live Messenger!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The day begins with good news to all those MSN Messenger freaks (people like me?) out there! Micros0ft has finally released their Windows Live Messenger final, the new replacement for their MSN Messenger. Being the first product released in its "final" state, from the Windows Liveā„¢ Family, it came out with a couple of new features - compared to it previous versions. Below is a chopped off screenshot of the new Windows Live Messenger.

For the very least, elimination of the word "Beta" brings a significant difference, doesnt it? :p Enjoy! :)

posted by jaheen
3:58 AM


from me to you...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

This is a message from me to you,
to make sure you never forget that I love you!
When things are rough and you feel lost,
just call on me and I'll be there at any cost.
I'll do this because I care for you,
I'll stick by your side no matter what you do.
I am your friend through thick and thin,
just as for me, you have always been.

Author: [unknown]

posted by jaheen
11:52 PM